Stranger Things: Style Lessons from Hawkins

by - Oktober 31, 2017

Bindibella / Topshop / Fifty Eggs - Etsy
This Halloween was different. No spider webs, no vampire teeth. The anticipation was particularly high though. Like waiting for your birthday to come or for Christmas. Halloween this year started early and lasted a weekend. It got me stuck in front of my laptop for hours, not even noticing how the days went by. It was Goonies-esque and mysterious. It was Sci-Fi poetry. This year, Halloween was all about Stranger Things 2.

What makes this Netflix series so special? It plays with nostalgia in a non-kitsch way. It takes you back to your childhood, back to the days when analogue photography, walkie-talkies and mixtapes were a thing. It celebrates weirdos, it celebrates friendship, all wrapped up in aesthetics between Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and Twin Peaks. While the plot is killing it, the characters have flaws just like you and me. We see individuals struggling with insecurities, preconceptions, guilt and doubt. Strange? What is strange anyway? 

I deeply believe that everybody's a weirdo. We all have an Eleven, a Dustin, a Nancy or a Jonathan inside of us, some even a Demogorgon. Stranger Things is a celebration of the weirdo, a triumph of the nerd. Hawkins is not fancy, Hawkins is normal. Hawkins is not glam but authentic. So style-wise, we get some lessons in simplicity. Motto: Embrace your inner nerd.

Illustration: Joshua Budich / Patch: Punkypins Etsy / Buttons: Nicole Diandra Etsy

Key pieces for a Stranger Things look:

  • Tube socks
  • Chucks
  • 70ies print shirt
  • Corduroy 
  • Multicoloured stripes
  • Backpacks
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Pin: Enamelpinco - Etsy / Necklace: / Jacket: Mango

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