What would your muse be ... Renee Ruin?

by - Februar 10, 2016

Es ist immer schwer, seine Helden vorzustellen, oder?! Man versucht die richtigen Worte zu finden, möchte demjenigen gerecht werden. Man will, dass andere sehen, was man selber sieht, man möchte ihrem Werk Tribut zollen. Hier bin ich also und versuche euch die Autorin, die Bloggerin und leidenschaftliche Musikliebhaberin Renee Ruin vorzustellen. Seit 2010 gibt es Renee's Blog reneeruin.com, auf dem sie großartige Künstler, neuste Kollektionen aus dem Bereich Dark Fashion, edgy Editorials oder neue Musikvideos zeigt. Reneeruin.com ist anders, aber genau das macht den Blog aus und genau das macht ihn auch so gut. Renee Ruin ist aber nicht nur Gesicht und Stimme eines außergewöhnlichen Blogs, sie ist selbst eine Muse, eine Poetin, Autorin und Schmuck-Designerin. Ich bin super stolz, dass ich sie für meine Interview Serie "What would your muse be" gewinnen konnte.

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It's always hard to introduce your idols, isn't it? You're struggeling to find the right words, you want to do justice. You want to make all the other people see what you see, you want to pay tribute to what you love about them so much. So here we go, I'm super happy to have the amazing power woman, writer, inflammatory creative, music lover and influencer Renee Ruin on my blog. Since 2010 Renee runs the blog reneeruin.com where she covers great artists, the latest collections in dark fashion, as well as music news related to subcultures like grunge or goth. Reneeruin.com is different, but that's what makes it so utterly good. On her blog Renee Ruin brilliantly gives voice to a certain generation, but not just is she a writer curating and covering cool stuff on her blog, also she is a muse herself, a poet and a jewellry designer. I'm more than happy to have won her for my interview series "What would your muse be" where creatives give insight to what inspires them in their work.

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What would your muse be if it was ...

a book: Books are very personal to me. Growing up they were my one escape into another world where I could be myself and unafraid and leave reality behind in pursuit of another. It is impossible for me to choose one book alone. I grew up reading a lot of Stephen King books through the influence of my father and a lot of old poetry. There are a few books that I would definitely call favourites or incredibly important to me personally - "Will there really be a morning?" by Frances Farmer, "Prozac Nation" by Elizabeth Wurtzel and "The Heart is Deceitful above all things" by J.T. Leroy. I read constantly and all kind of different authors. For me, it's important to read often and a lot especially as I write myself. At the moment I'm alternating between Henry Rollins (who I adore immensely) and the amazing Patti Smith.

a movie: There's a lot of movies that hold a special place in my heart but I'm going to be honest here and say one of the first most influential films for me was the original "Footloose" with Kevin Bacon. Small country town, outsider, trouble, music and rebellion. Kevin Bacon's characters name was even "Ren" which was my nickname in school. I loved rock n roll and I could relate to the small town mentality and that feeling of always being an outsider.

a city or place: The world is so huge. I'm not sure I've found my place just yet. I literally just got back from the UK and it was so different and beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the UK and Europe in the next 12 months. One of my ultimate faves though is Los Angeles, USA. Nothing quite beats it. There's truly a vibe of being able to anything and be anyone. I always have a blast there and it's an amazing place for meeting people and creative adventures.

a sound or tune: I am completely obsessed with music. Everything I do in one way or another revolves around music. Whether it's The Cure, Hole, Nine Inch Nails, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Nick Cave, Chelsea Wolfe, The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, King Dude, American Nightmare, The Jesus and the Mary Chain ... I love it all and my taste whilst seemingly similar is pretty eclectic. One of my all time favourite tracks is "Gimme Danger" by Iggy Pop & The Stooges. It's raw, gnawing and desperate. If it moves you it means something. I even have a tattoo saying GIMME DANGER.

a magazine: I used to be an avid collector of magazines but sadly, I don't read magazines much anymore. I found myself more often than not reading online magazines, zines and blogs. There's so much out there to be seen and read these days and it's all out of fingertips. I love the physicality of a beautiful magazine but I think these days it's a lot harder to find that kind of magazine, the kind you want to collect anyplace on the bookshelf.

an inspirational quote or a motto: "Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on." - Henry Rollins

an artist: Art is everywhere and in everything around us. I have so many amazing talented friends who are artists and I wish I had that kind of talent but I'm more of a wordsmith. I love far too many artists to list and far too many to own all their work!

a style icon: I'm a pretty straight up rock n roll girl when it comes to style. A lot of black, denim and leather, chokers. I love strong, uncompromising women. If I had to pick some style icons I'd definitely say Courtney Love, Allison Mosshart, Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde, Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett.


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