What would your muse be ... Louise Androlia?

by - April 14, 2015

Diese Rubrik ist den Menschen gewidmet, die etwas in mir entfachen, Menschen, die nicht leise leben, Menschen, die jeder Einsortierung in eine gesellschaftlich vorgefertigte Schublade trotzen, Menschen, die ihrer Leidenschaft folgen. Einer dieser Menschen ist Louise Androlia. Sie ist Life Coach, schreibt, zeichnet und designt (zuletzt eine Schmuckkollektion in Kollaboration mit Jessica de Lotz). Ihre positive Energie ist mehr als ansteckend und als wäre das alles nicht schon genug, sieht sie auch immer blendend aus und hat einen Style der wunderbar eigen ist. Mehr als genug Gründe für mich, super happy darüber zu sein, dass Louise mir für meine Interview-Rubrik "What would your muse be ... ?" Rede und Antwort gestanden hat.

What would your muse be if it was ...

a book: Autobiographical works, currently reading "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler. I love any story that charts a journey, I love humans and their ins and outs, that is what inspires me daily, that we are all different, but the same.
a movie: Escape to Witch Mountain. This was one of the first movies I watched where I felt understood. Alien telepathic children with a black cat.
a city or place: Los Angeles. I just moved here and it's currently the exact right spot at the moment for me to feel most connected to myself. I need to feel expansive and I am receiving that here.
a sound or tune: I like silence but if listening then Disney soundtracks or Roy Orbison is the artist I probably listen to most frequently and forever. I also feel incredibly soothed when I listen to the Jurassic Park theme tune.
a magazine: I rarely read magazines anymore, if so it is random and pulled from the stand when I'm drawn to a colour or specific article, but I love anything self created, so often will pick up a zine here and there. My friend Bunny Bissoux makes great art zines and also I just got "There is no right way to meditate" by Yumi Sakugawa which is perfect.
a quote or a motto: I surrender. The practice of releasing sabotaging and anxiety inducting control habits in order to allow life to flow as it should has changed my life and it's my favourite practice to teach my clients. Surrender forever!
an artist: All my favourite artists are my friends, people I love, making things with passion and heart. + This week I saw an exhibit by Raul de Nieves which was fantasic. + Walt Disney, Elena Stonaker, Edward Gorey.
a style icon: The clostest I'ver ever had to a style icon is Mary Poppins. Again, I love humans, so I admire anyone who experiments to find their own authentic style, whether it's jeans and a T or a wild display of accessories and prints.

This rubric is my ode to people who fuel my fire, people who don't live their lifes quietly, people who refuse to fit into any boxes of sterotypical thinking, people who follow their passion. Louise Androlia is one of them. She is a life coach, a writer, she paints and is also into design (she just presented her first jewellery collection in collaboration with Jessica de Lotz). Her positive energy is infectious and if all of this wasn't enough she has a wonderful, super individual and fun style too. Enough reasons for me to be super happy to have Louise on my blog for my interview rubric "What would your muse be ... ?".

Mystery by Louise Androlia

Selfportrait by Louise Androlia

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